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Kemper - Quality since 1888

The Company

Imagine idyllic landscapes, lush meadows and pastures, all bathed in clean, fresh air. Welcome to Kemper in Nortrup, Lower Saxony. Here in Artland, sausage making enjoys a long tradition.

Our original sausage and ham recipes have been passed on from generation to generation. We believe this is the only way to create quality from tradition. Company founder Hermann Kemper began producing high-quality sausages and ham in 1888. Today, this fifth-generation family-owned company, which currently has 1,400 employees, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of raw sausage, ham, boiled sausage, cooked sausage and ready-to-eat products.

Our highest maxim is to consistently offer all our customers first-class quality at attractive prices. At Kemper, quality begins with purchasing. The meat we use for processing predominantly comes from rural regions of North Germany and the European Union. Pre-approved suppliers and the strictest reception inspections ensure only the freshest, best-quality raw materials are used.

Our wide range of meat products is manufactured under optimal hygiene conditions, using state-of-the-art production facilities. Traditional recipes, extensive technical skills and natural maturing processes ensure the matchless savoury flavours of our products. Constant inspections by the veterinary authorities, internal and external laboratories, and expertly trained Kemper employees throughout the entire production process guarantee Kemper's high food safety standards.

Our meat products are distributed using both our own refrigerated truck service and leading food shipping agents throughout Germany and more than twenty neighbouring European countries.