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In the region, for the region

Kemper, a family-owned business for five generations, has been inextricably linked to its Nortrup site since 1888. Today, many of our employees still come from the region and we are well aware that our success is also due to the prosperous connections we have forged here in Artland. Not only do we feel close to the region today, but we also see it as our duty to do our part for its sustainable and successful development. In doing so, we do not limit ourselves to creating and securing jobs. We support various institutions, including kindergartens and food banks, and we also collaborate with schools in order to highlight and provide career opportunities for future generations. For many years, we have also promoted cultural events such as music days, upholding the region's cultural diversity and quality. Over almost 130 years, Kemper has now grown into a major player in the industry. On the ground, however, we have always been guided by the values of a locally rooted family business. We strive to promote and preserve this spirit in the future.