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Kemper Quality Management

Qualität aus Tradition seit 1888

At Kemper, the focus has always been on the quality of our products. This tradition has been upheld right through to today. The highest maxim is to offer, together with our trade partners, millions of consumers the highest quality sausage and ham products every single day.

This quality philosophy includes our employees, business partners, customers and pre-tested suppliers. Everybody can rely on the reliability and consistency of Kemper's products and services. 

To achieve this goal, all work processes within the company are geared towards the quality of our products and services. For Kemper, quality means consistent compliance with the promised performance and quality. 

Constant microbiological, physical and chemical monitoring of our products in our own and external laboratories, and by the state veterinary authorities are a matter of course for us. In order to meet the highest standards, many years ago we introduced a constantly evolving, close-meshed quality management system. 

In order to ensure comprehensive, integrated quality assurance across all production processes, our procedures and methods are regulated in accordance with the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS).