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Our Guarantee of Success

– and how we ensure it

At Kemper we know that every single employee is important for our mutual success. For this reason, we attach great importance to ensuring our employees are healthy, safe and above all happy in their work. In doing so, we also like to break new ground, which has already led us to great success after just a short time.

Work safety at Kemper – ensuring everybody arrives home in good health

To minimise the number of accidents, we have introduced a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system that has been certified by the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association since 2014. Since 2014, we are one of the first companies of our size in the industry to commit to behaviour-based occupational safety Accurate analysis of on-site incidents helps us identify risks early on and sensitise our employees to mindful and safety-conscious behaviours. We employ 25 safety officers to fulfil this task, meaning we have more trained experts working on the task than is legally required. They ensure our employees' constant proximity to occupational health and safety standards throughout the company and support our staff in their everyday work.

However, should there be an incident, fast first aid is vital, and guaranteed: At Kemper, we train 15 percent of our employees, including all supervisors, in first-aid. In the event of an accident, they are the first point of contact and are quickly on the scene.

Thanks to this multi-faceted, close-knit occupational safety concept, we have achieved great success since its introduction: By 2017, we were able to reduce out accident rate to 40 percent compared to the 2013 baseline value.

Prevention, health & safety initiatives

Another component of our strategy to achieve 'zero accidents' is the driving safety training that we offer our employees free of charge. Whether on delivery trips, business trips or on the way to or from work, we want our employees to be safe when they are out and about at all times, even outside of our factory premises.

For one week a year at Kemper, the theme of health & safety is brought into special focus. We collaborate with, among others, orthopaedic specialists and health insurance providers, who give our employees competent tips and support in living a healthy lifestyle. We want to motivate our employees to feel invested in their well-being.

And for employees who opt to jump on their bike for a healthy and environmentally friendly commute to work, a special offer is available: be it on a high-quality sports bike or a practical e-bike, employees who opt for two-wheels can now benefit from attractive financing models.