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Quality Management

How we ensure the quality of our products and raw materials

At Kemper, the quality of our products is our top priority. This means the demands we place on our raw material suppliers are accordingly high. We take the quality inspection of our products just as seriously, ensuring that only perfect goods find their way onto the market.

To ensure a consistently optimal performance, all of our suppliers must hold a certificate that confirms their adherence to the criteria of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This includes, for example, the QS seal of approval, which is recognised throughout Germany, and the IFS Food Standard. Another essential component of our quality assurance is the regular chemical and microbiological testing of our raw materials, which we have carried out by both internal and external accredited laboratories. 

QS: The certificate also testifies to the proper rearing and handling of livestock. 

QS, the seal of approval for food, helps to orientate consumers in their search for high-quality products. In order for us to maintain this seal on our product labels, we are only allowed to use meat that is QS-certified. Not only does it confirm the flawless quality of our meat, but also the optimal rearing and handling of livestock by our supplier farms.

Inspections create a trustworthy basis for long-term partnerships 

In addition, we continuously review and audit our suppliers throughout our continued collaboration in order to ensure the perfect condition of our products. The fact that these strict quality requirements and controls create not only safety and security, but also mutual trust is evidenced by the fact that we have been working together in great trust with a lot of our suppliers for many years.

Free from genetic engineering  

At Kemper, we also see our effective response to the wishes and worries of our consumers as a mark of quality. For this reason, we have attained a certification from the Verbands Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V. [Industry Association for Food without Genetic Engineering)] (VLOG). We are now able to label products that are guaranteed to be free of genetic modification with the standardised 'Ohne Gentechnik' label.

Quality assurance in our ongoing production 

During the manufacturing process, our products are continuously tested for their perfect quality and manufacturing. Every manufacturing step is concluded with a test.  After a pasteurisation process, for example, the cooking time and the core temperature of the product are checked and documented. Goods will only be put on the market if all the parameters defined in the process are passed without objection.

Kemper is regularly audited 

Another guarantee of our product quality are the numerous certifications that Kemper holds for itself as a company and for its products.  The audits and inspections that Kemper undergoes each year ensure that we adhere to the specifications of these certificates. Each year, we are subject to approximately 30 unannounced audits and inspections by veterinary authorities, our trading partners and certification bodies, all of which always yield excellent results.

DLG Awards: gold, silver and bronze - Kemper products enjoy superior success 

Many of our products undergo annual quality inspections by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). The DLG promotes the product quality of food on the basis of neutral, authoritative quality standards. Their understanding of quality is based on current scientific findings and self-developed, recognised testing methods. Only products that meet the DLG's quality criteria are given DLG awards, which are granted in gold, silver and bronze. Awards are only granted to foods that pass organoleptic testing with flawless results and meet the DLG's quality criteria. 

Kemper has participated in the DLG's annual quality competitions since 1975, with above-average success. In 2016, our products received 52 gold, 33 silver and 21 bronze awards.